A hosiery business requires a number of know-how skills to achieve a complete garment production from A to Z starting with single thread.

A team in excess of 50 individuals makes up the full staff. The knitting is no doubt the most spectacular process. The last generation Stoll looms, from gauge 3.5.2 to 12, enable any type of knitting: jacquard, intarsia, integral, multi gauge. The other looms, like Steiger and Mec-Mor (G12) are mostly used to make traditional jacquard.

The patterns are created and developed with the CAD Gerber system. The company has also an automatic system of placement and cutting. For clothing manufacturing, there are all kinds of machinery : sewing/stitching machines, overlock machines, collecting machines, as well as linking machines, more adapted for knitwear finishing.

These machines have been upgraded over time to respond to the need and demand of our fashion designers and in order to maintain the high level of quality and productivity.

The logistics system takes into account the specific nature of SEDEM Company which delivers 6000 different references to 500 clients from the smallest factory space possible.