« The deep rooted trees grow high”, Fréderic Mistral said, and SEDEM Company (Société des Etablissements Maillet) is a good example of this. At the heart of Véndée region, which has a history and reputation for high textile and clothing production skills, SEDEM benefits from, but also enriches this resource full of scarce know-how.
This historic producer of bespoke knitwear was born in 1936. The great grand-mother Marie Maillet installs in her shop the first hand machines to knit the hosiery articles from the local wool. After World War 2, her son Florimond buys motor-driven knitting machines and diversifies the offer by producing sweaters and dresses with the help of his first employees.
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In 1962, Jean-Luc Maillet, Florimond’s eldest son, undertakes a significant mechanization with machines capable of producing jacquard to specific requirements. These performant looms are installed in the new workshop adjacent to the dwelling-house. His younger brother, Jacques Maillet, joins the family business after his studies at l'Ecole des Industries Textiles Lyonnaises. Having a flair for commercial skills, he expands considerably the business sector and adapts the company to the changing consumer demands.
THE COMPANY wins fashion design award " Courtelle 86"
Today, Jacques’s sons, Gaëtan and Pierre Maillet pursue the family saga. SEDEM Company is still in the center of the same little town and keeps its period shop front with old sewing machines. Being one of the last knitters in the Western France, SEDEM Company maintains carefully its core business and continues to make its exceptional knitwear.
Olivier Philips Licence leads to the new horizons
For more information about SEDEM’s history: « L’usine est dans le pré », by Daniel VOYE, published in 2005